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  Ability Office 2002  

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Details and specifications of Ability's Office 2002, (GBP inc VAT RRP £49.95). A worthy competitor of Microsoft, Lotus, Corel, & Sun - an award winning bargain of a program. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Office 2002 box Ability Office 2002

Ability Office is an integrated suite of five software applications - a word processor, a spreadsheet, a database, a photo-editor, and a drawing module - and is ideal for use both in the office and at home.

A true integrated suite, Ability Office is designed from the ground up to facilitate cross-application linking through special fields. It is straightforward and easy to use for beginners, displays an industry-standard interface, and has a high degree of file compatibility with Microsoft Office. A PDF Creator enables users to create email-friendly PDF files in any of its five applications.

Ability Write gives you everything you need to prepare, edit and present better-looking letters, reports, quotations, memos, mailings and newsletters.

Apart from the features that you would expect any good word processor to have - spell checker and thesaurus, bulleted and numbered lists, a wide range of file formats for export and import, headers and footers, numerous paragraph and font options, clear and helpful interface, interactive rulers, intelligent drag and drop editing, short-cut menus for easy text revision, the capacity to include graphics, spreadsheets and charts, and many other essential features - Ability Write also has the unexpected:

Ability Write on its own helps you get down to work on all your word processing tasks; as part of a suite it helps deliver the first-class integrated power of Ability Office.

Ability Spreadsheet is the perfect tool for managing all your numerical data, whether business accounts, home finances, complicated calculations or homework problems. To help you make sense of your figures, Ability has incorporated all the essential features users would expect from their spreadsheet, as well as a range of advanced features – some of them unique to Ability Spreadsheet – to make working with numerical data as easy and clear as it gets: These are some of the main features of Ability Spreadsheet. There are plenty more to help you with all your numerical tasks.

Ability Database is a powerful data management system that is perfect for storing and analysing structured data or information, including address books, inventories, customer and product lists, medical records, and any other data that can be usefully tabulated.

Each Ability Database essentially consists of these elements:

Here are some more of the features that make Ability Database such a powerful data management tool:

Ability Photopaint is a photo and image editor that will instantly feel familiar, both in its interface and functionality, to users of Adobe Photoshop. Its fundamental components are paint tools, color palettes, brushes, selections, special effects filters and layers. Using these features together, you can apply the right color, or range of colors, in the right place to get the effect you want.

Filters apply special effects to your image (or selection within an an image). There are nearly 100 different effects – classified into groups: Brushes and Paint tools are used to apply color and other effects:

Selections are used to isolate the parts of an image the user wants to work on: Layers are used to divide an image into several separate superimposed sections, thereby ensuring that work on one layer will not affect the image on another layer:

In addition to these fundamental features, Ability Photopaint also provides the following: Ability Draw: page layout software that utilises vector objects and enables you to design logos and insert pictures.

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Ability   Office 2002     (RRP £49.95)   [AOFF02]   Buy

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Ability   Office 2002     (RRP £49.95)   [AOFF02]   Buy

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