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  ArcSoft Funhouse - Digital Photo Image Manipulation  

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Details and specifications of ArcSoft Funhouse, 29.95 (GBP inc VAT RRP 29.95). Blend two photos using the head of one person and the body of another person/animal/cartoon together seamlessly to create very funny pictures! Ideal for cards, invitations, amusements etc... Lets you create hilarious fantasy pictures featuring the faces of you and your friends. The program comes packed with over 150 cool background templates to get you started and includes tools for creating your own custom templates from scanned magazine covers or downloaded celebrity snapshots. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 360 3699. See more DTP & graphics software.

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ArcSoft Funhouse box ArcSoft Funhouse  

Formerly ArcSoft PhotoFantasy, this amusing piece of software has been enhanced with a brand new interface and loaded with over 150 unique fantasy templates.

Become a rock star or star quarterback. Put yourself in an historic scene or on the cover of a magazine. Swap identities with your friends. Put Dad's face on the family dog. See yourself as the leader of an epic battle. Put yourself on a $100 bill. Simple controls, a friendly interface, effective tools, and loads of creative content put you in the picture.
Create your own funny backgrounds in minutes

Funhouse's built-on template creator enables you to turn any image (magazine cover, tabloid spread, political pic, web-shot, sports scene, or silly image) into your own customizable spoof. Simply snap, scan, or download your background image or photos of your favorite celebrities, sports heroes, movie scenes or magazine covers on the web and within minutes you're able to seamlessly add the faces of family and friends to your custom background.

Try all 150 background templates

The Funhouse CD contains over 150 unique templates for use with your personal photos. Categories include role-play, cartoons, bathing beauties, muscle men, astronauts, athletes, trading cards, famous landmarks and much, much more, sports, and more. It's never been easier to make funny pictures with photos of your family and friends.

Free Template Downloads

Want more backgrounds? Just visit the Downloads section of ArcSoft.com. There youll find an assortment of free content for you to add to the 150 backgrounds you already have.

Get seamless results with simple controls

Would you like to create an invisisble blend between your photo and your background template? Simple colour controls enable you to make subtle adjustments to colour and contrast for the perfect photo/background match.

"Woz up?"

Now that you've created your scene, it's time to add catch phrases, slang, funny captions, exciting hradlines or readable thoughts to your Funhouse creations. Simple text controls allow you to position your words anywhere over the template. Customizable text options includedrop shadow, font, size, colour, and style

Use live video capture for precise results

With a compatible video device (i.e., video cam, eyeball cam) you can capture photos directly into any funhouse template. Try various facial expressions and head tilts until your head fits just right!

Its AWESOME! How did you do it?

The best part about Funhouse is the reaction you get from family and friends when they see your hilarious creations. Make printed copies to use as party invitations , to frame and hang, or to give as birthday gag gifts. You can even email your creations to everyone in your address book.

ArcSoft, founded in 1994, is a global leader in digital imaging software for the desktop.

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: ARCFUN


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Main Screen
Screenshot 2
Fine Tune
Screenshot 3
Print Preview
Screenshot 4
Template Editor


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"I've never had more fun with a computer program than I've had with Funhouse."
Customer reviews from Soft32.com giving between 4 and 5 out of 5 rating

"The program does nothing that can't be done in a decent image editor, but it does it much quicker and without any knowledge required...This can certainly create some fun pictures..."
Computer magazine review from vnunet/computeractive.co.uk giving 4 out of 5 rating


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ArcSoft Funhouse, 29.95, Buy

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ArcSoft Funhouse, 29.95, Buy.

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