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Details and specifications of Desktop Translator, RRP £117.49 Special Offer £79. With Simple, quick and effective translations for all kinds of documents never more than a mouse click away, Desktop Translator™ is the ideal translation solution for the home office or business. Discontinued. Next best replacement product is Power Translator (see here).

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Features & Benefits

Works with your Existing Applications
Desktop Translator's plug-ins for Microsoft Word® and Corel® WordPerfect® let you access translations from the menus within these popular desktop applications. Incredibly fast document translations preserve fonts, section breaks, columns, and more.

Now you can access a world of information on the World Wide Web. Experience more of the Web by translating the thousands of non-English Web pages into English in your Web browser. Desktop Translator Web translations maintain graphics, formatting, links and more.

Translations with the Power of Speech
Speech to Text The power of voice makes entry of new text for translation quick. True continuous speech technology from Dragon™ System, Inc. lets you enter text by speaking it.

Command and Control Dragon's NaturallySpeaking technology lets you translate without your mouse. Select language directions and dictionary sequences and launch translations just by speaking the proper commands.

Text to Speech Hear your source text and translations read back to you in Castilian or Mexican Spanish, French, German, Italian or US English or British English. Industry-leading text to speech technology even lets you choose between a male or female voice.

Advanced Translation Technology for Superior Results
Dictionary Wizard for quick, easy customization Desktop Translator's Trade Names Wizard allows you to enter key branded vocabulary like company and product names into a "do not translate" dictionary to better preserve the integrity of your source material and improve the quality of your translations.

600,000 words in interactive dictionaries for quality translations Desktop Translator's comprehensive core dictionary and six (6) 1000,000-word supplemental dictionaries allow users the flexibility to produce the best draft-quality machine translations.

What is Machine Translation?
The globalization of business and the increase in worldwide Internet access has spurred the need for easy, low-cost, immediate multilingual translations of Web pages, e-mails, correspondence and virtually every document. Machine translation provides individuals and businesses with a tool to obtain up-to-the-minute world news and information as well as send and receive multilingual communications.

Desktop Translator's advanced technology doesn't simply translate text word by word but actually analyzes sentences based on the rules of the language and translates the words and phrases in the context of the original document. Although not perfect, Desktop Translator offers a higher level of accuracy and reader comprehension than the standard automatic translation programs currently available.


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Desktop Translator, £117.49

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Desktop Translator, £79

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