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  MegaSystems Interactive Cosmos  

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Details and specifications of MegaSystems's Interactive Cosmos, (GBP inc VAT ). Cosmos Interactive offers both an adventure and an innovative learning experience. Sophisticated animation techniques encourage the user's active participation in exploring the universe, its origin, and its laws. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Interactive Cosmos box MegaSystems Interactive Cosmos


  • Gain valuable knowledge and educational support for Key Stages 2,3,4, GCSE, "AS" and "A" Levels and above
  • Educational games, guided tours, beautiful 3D animations, graphics and illustrations bring topics to life
  • Enjoy fun, variety and innovation
  • Explore everything about our cosmos
  • Motivating games for self-assessment
  • Direct Internet access/research

  • Cosmos Interactive offers both an adventure and an innovative learning experience. Sophisticated animation techniques encourage the user's active participation in exploring the universe, its origin, and its laws.
    On two CD-ROMs, Cosmos Interactive offers superior means to acquire thorough knowledge without being conscious about it. Powerful animation techniques build the foundation for this new approach. Special features and in-depth explanations facilitate the process of understanding even complex theories. Themes range from black holes to issues of gravity, include details on the Apollo Mission, and extend beyond walking in space. All in all 100 different science fields are discussed, explained and illustrated in detailed drawings, outstanding 3D-animations, and real videos. Hands-on tools include a magnifyer for close-ups of individual stars and planets.

    Cosmos Interactive offers comfortable and efficient options to broaden existing knowledge or to build completely new competences. Tools like the unique EXPLORATOR playfully allow the user to move within an information space of several related subject areas. The Explorator lists all themes referring to given subjects, inviting the user to find her individual path through these knowledge sources. This is a great way to learn intuitively through associations. For those who prefer a systematic approach to acquire the content, traditional linear access to the chapters is available, too. Guided Tours offer yet another competent alternative to learn in brief about key issues surrounding the human body.

    A clever way to keep the vast information under control is the NAVIGATOR SYSTEM that always provides a quick overview over all 100 themes. Its direct access mode makes the whole program an easy software even for computer novices. The media browser aims at users with little time or patience. Its timesaving preview options are ideal for those who want to retrieve information target-oriented.

    The media browser also hosts the impressive encyclopaedia that explains many scientific terms. Moreover, it connects to the unique glasklar online webcyclopaedia and extends learning into the internet. Cosmos Interactive offers playful and intelligent ways to reinforce and refresh everybody's knowledge.

    Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: INTCOS


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    logo Windows 95 or superior Yes Pentium 100MHz, 8MB RAM, 800x600x256 colour display, 45MB free HD space, Windows compatible sound card, mouse, internet (optional)
    logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
    logo Linux N/A


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    MegaSystems   Interactive Cosmos     ( )   [INTCOS]   Buy

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    MegaSystems   Interactive Cosmos     ( )   [INTCOS]   Buy

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