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  Microsoft FrontPage 98 - Web Site Design Software  

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    Details and specifications of Microsoft's FrontPage 98, £ (GBP inc VAT RRP £89.00). Web page creation software from Microsoft. FrontPage is a quick and effective way to create your personal Web sites and home pages and Intranet sites without programming skills. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 360 3699. View other software from Microsoft or compare other Office productivity software, DTP or web design software  
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FrontPage is a quick and effective way to create your personal Web sites and home pages and Intranet sites without programming skills. It has become so easy for professional developers and end users to create, maintain great-looking Web sites.

Integrate what you already have

Seamless integration with existing content and with desktop applications you already have makes you productive from the start. And strong browser integration makes it easy to customize and view your Web site's content.

Microsoft Office integration
Effortlessly manage Microsoft Office 97 hyperlinks and use familiar tools such as the spelling checker and thesaurus to ensure accurate, compelling Web site content.

Browser integration and Preview Tab
Experience tighter browser integration—drag and drop content from Microsoft Internet Explorer onto your Web pages and easily preview your pages in any browser you choose. Also, select the new FrontPage Editor Preview Tab to preview Web pages, including active elments, right on screen in the FrontPage Editor.

FrontPage Themes

The program contains over 50 of the most famous and dazzling FrontPage Themes (or graphical designs). It provides you with consistent backgrounds, bullets, banners, hyperlinks and navigation bars across your entire Web site.

Comprehensive management tools

Comprehensive management tools let you quickly build and maintain well-organized Web sites. View your site's navigational structure, directories of information, hyperlinks, hyperlink status, or all files at once. With automatic hyperlink maintenance, you have the freedom to make changes without worrying about broken links, and with site-wide thematic styles, you can easily update your site's look with the click of a button. Plus, flexible collaboration features such as Tasks lists and remote and/or local authoring let you work with others to create and manage your Web site.

Navigation View
Navigation View enables you to create and manage the navigational structure of your Web site within seconds. Automatic Navigation Bars can easily add universal navigation bars to your Web based on your site's navigational structure. If you modify the structure of your site, FrontPage will update your Navigation Bars automatically, saving you time and keeping your links current.

Folders View
View a directory level representation of your Web site and a sortable properties list for each folder or file, making it easy to manage your Web site content more effectively.

Hyperlinks View
Graphically display all hyperlinks between pages, with arrows indicating the direction of each link. Position your cursor over any icon in the view to call up its related attributes.

All Files View
Quickly find all assets and organize them by attribute with this centralized viewing feature.

Hyperlink Status View
Check the status of and immediately fix your Web site's internal and external hyperlinks using this centralized view.

Table Editing Tools

Use the new Table Editing Tools and your mouse to draw and erase entire tables, rows and columns on your Web pages with ease. Plus, use drag and drop to resize table cells and move or copy table rows and columns.


Frames pages can be drawn and edited directly on the screen. New frames are easy to add and existing are easy to change. Banner advertisement is created automatically on your Web pages. Just specify the banner images that you'd like rotated and choose the transitional effect between the images.


It's never been easier to add rich content to your pages! A new FrontPage hyperlink dialog box simplifies the process of linking to new pages, existing pages in a Web, pages on the Internet, e-mail addresses, or to bookmarks on a specific page or targets within frame sets.


Innovative imaging tools and intelligent design assistance make it easier than ever to build great-looking Web sites. Add rich, dynamic graphics to your sites using Microsoft Image Composer, Microsoft GIF Animator, and more than 2,000 image samples


With FrontPage 98, easily include powerful Web functionality in your sites by adding Java™ applets, ActiveX™ controls, and browser plug-ins. Support for databases and Active Server Pages allows you to include database content in your Web pages easily and lets users perform dynamic database queries on your site over the Web, giving them direct access to the information they need.


Make creating new pages or entire Web sites easy. Just answer a few questions, and wizards will do the rest for you.


Generate Web sites or pages from predefined formats. Simply replace the generated content with your own words, images, and ideas.

FrontPage components and Save to E-mail

Eliminate the need to write your own programs by providing drop-in commands for adding sophisticated, interactive functionality to your Web sites. Submit form results over the Web to an e-mail address or file of your choice, or easily add full-text searching capabilities to your Web sites.

Graphical bullets

Easily specify custom images to use in place of the bullets normally found on Web pages. Either apply a Theme to a page to add its matching graphical buttons, or choose any image to be used as the new bullet.

Banner Ad Manager and Dynamic HTML support

Select from several easy options that handle rotating information in your Web site, or easily add dynamic Web content such as text that "flies" onto your page from off-screen!

Import Wizard

Select from several easy options that handle rotating information in your Web site, or easily add Easily import existing files or entire folders of information into your FrontPage Web sites, and now import Web content directly from the World Wide Web.

Database Region Wizard and Active Server Pages support

Select from several easy options that handle rotating information in your Web site, or easily add Leverage Active Server Pages functionality to include dynamic database content directly in your Web pages, or connect to OBDC-compliant databases to allow users to perform dynamic database queries to your site over the Web.

Text over images and hover buttons

Select from several easy options that handle rotating information in your Web site, or easily add Easily add text directly over images, making graphical button creation a snap. Then, effortlessly create cool animation effects on your button-shaped images, so that when a user "hovers" over or clicks on the button, it changes color or shape, or animates the way you have choosen.

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logo Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 Yes Pentium 66MHz, 16MB(95/98), 32MB(NT4) RAM, 36MB HD Space, CDROM drive
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Microsoft   FrontPage 98   £   (RRP £0.00)   [MSFP98]   Buy

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Microsoft   FrontPage 98   £   (RRP £0.00)   [MSFP98]   Buy

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