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  Systran 6.0 Premium Translator 2007 World - translation software  

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        Details and specifications of Systran's 6.0 Premium Translator 2007 English <> World Pack, formerly known as Professional Premium Global translation software, 799 (GBP inc VAT RRP 899). Translate files, websites, texts instantly by using Machine Translation software or online translator. Corporate solutions, small business and personal. Customized dictionary. Translation Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish - for the Western European only version click here. With just a few clicks, SYSTRAN Professional Premium 6.0 translates documents, emails, Web content, chat, and more - at substantial savings over traditional translation services. [Buy now], view other software from Systran or compare other translation software or call us on 0844 808 3699. Check out the latest version 7.0, Windows Vista and 7.0 compatible, released in 2011.

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Professional Premium 6.0 box Systran 6.0 Premium Translator 2007 Global/World pack  

Translate Microsoft Office files, Web pages in real-time and PDF documents directly from your desktop Individuals at fast-paced small and medium size businesses need language translation software to enhance their communication with partners and colleagues overseas. Both to understand incoming content not written in their native language, and to reach out to others in their outgoing documents in a language more easily understood by the recipients.

And to ensure quality translation results, you can train the software to understand your terminology. All you need to do is add your terms into a User Dictionary. The more terms you add, the better the software understands your subject matter.

Includes 5 specialized technical dictionaries

Covering 20 more specific areas:

Create a Multilingual Desktop

SYSTRAN Professional Premium 6.0 translates files in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Web pages in Internet Explorer™ — and even PDF documents — directly from your desktop at a substantial saving over traditional translation services. *PDF plugin translates English <=> European language pairs only

Customization Tools Improve Translation Quality

Supervise Translation Projects with SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager

Dictionary Tools

Quick access to the Larousse and Chambers and SYSTRAN dictionaries
2 applications combined in 1 product. The always available SYSTRAN Toolbar lets you consult with alternative meanings of selected words and expressions.

Use 20 specialized dictionaries for context-specific translations
Easily translate documents that are contextspecific with the 20 specialized dictionaries.

Create personalized semantic domains
Create personalized semantic domains in addition to the 20 predefined domains. Apply personalized domains to your terminology and activate them in your translation profiles and manage them for future translations.

Create your own dictionaries
SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager lets you create User Dictionaries by adding your terminology into the translation process to reach better quality, and context-specific translations.

Translation language pairs available

NEW! Features to version 6

SYSTRAN Professional Versions Premium  PREMIUM
SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager (SDM) Advanced Expert
Translation customization User Dictionary User Dictionary, Translation Memory, Normalization Dictionary
Terminlology extraction Basic Expert
Access to SYSTRAN online dictionaries Yes Yes
Additional specialized terminology   Yes
User Dictionary Size 2,000 20,000
User Dictionary Type Bilingual Multilingual
Normalization Dictionary Size 20,000
Translation Memory Size   40,000
Improved Intuitive Coding Yes Yes
Coding confidence indicator Yes Yes
Print dictionaries Yes Yes
User Dictionary format Yes Yes
Improved User Dictionary search capabilities Yes Yes
Multilingual dictionary editor   Yes
Domain definition   Yes
Expert Coding wizard   Yes
Reverse dictionaries   Yes
Detect duplicate entries   Yes
Support for Translation Memory and Normalization Dictionaries   Yes
Import/export of Translation Memories to TMX format   Yes
Entity coding   Yes
SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager (STPM) Advanced Expert
Side-by-side alignment Yes Yes
Interaction with SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager Yes Yes
Define words not to be translated Yes Yes
Import TXT, RTF, DOC and HTML files Yes Yes
Online document support Yes Yes
HTML editing Yes Yes
Import/export TMX files Yes Yes
Translation review tool   Yes
Source text linguistic enrichment   Yes

[Buy now] or call us on 0844 808 3699

Manufacturer's Product Code: Systran - BMSoftware Product Code: SY6PTW


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logo Windows PC NT4 SP6 / 2000 / XP
Pentium III 500 MHz or higher processor
Yes 128 MB RAM / 160 MB plus 60 MB per language pair available hard-disk space
Microsoft Office Suite 97 / 2000 / XP / 2003, Internet Explorer 6
logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
logo Linux N/A

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Systran   Premium Translator 6.0 World   799   (RRP 899 inc VAT)   [SY6PTW]   Buy

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Systran   6.0 Premium Translator 2007 World   799   (RRP 899)   [SY6PTW]   Buy

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