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Machine Translation Software for Immigration/Prison/Council Services

Translation software for immigration, asylum, prisons, and council ethnic diversity initiatives

Translation software is ideal for migrant workers, local and national councils, police, government departments, housing trusts, asylum centres, immigration, detention and removal centres, prisons, health services, military, security services and legal translation needs. Save a fortune on translation services budgets or get cheap first drafts.

Public spending on interpreters and translators for immigrants now exceeds 100m for police forces, councils and hospitals needing to translate information and literature into dozens of languages. NHS trusts alone spend more than 55m on translating and interpreting services. Local authorities spend 25m and police and courts some 31m. The Institute of Translation and Interpreting suggests that the overall translation market is around 400m. A typical prison or immigration removal centre translation bill is 30,000 pa. This can be halved by using translation software for first drafts and internal notices and basic documents.

Although interpreters and translators or their agencies earn around 28-30 ph there are shortages in many regions, especially Lincolnshire, Essex, Scotland and East Anglia with their seasonal migrant workers from Portugal, Poland and Ukraine. Fortunately high quality translation software from LEC is unique in covering Polish and Ukrainian translation needs.

The requirement of translating for Bulgarian and Romanian migrants with the EU enlargement that took place in January 2007 is further hampered by the lack of translation software for Bulgarian. For Romanian, software made in Romania actually exists and is quite effective but there is a steep learning curve to obtain effective use. Although BMSoftware do offer on-site training.

Police traffic units are now considering using LEC's software to help with traffic offences committed by Polish and other European nationals, especially lorry drivers. The expense of hauling them into a police station and requesting telephone or face-to-face human translators compared with typing a few phrases into an in car laptop or handheld PDA is budget-saving.

More than a dozen UK prisons and IRCs are now using LEC's and Systran's translation software for first drafts, prison manuals, canteen menus, health and safety directives, and basic face-to-face communication.

Machine translation software versus human translators

Machine translation software continues to improve and whilst being an economical alternative to human translation services it is no substitute without good training in use, and the observation of simple rules such as inputting plain rather than colloquial idiomatic English in the first instance. Also many users do not realise the simple right click facility in many of the programs offering alternative translations. Read more about computer based document translation issues or enquire about on-site training to improve human use of machine based translation software.

Windows PC Translation software availability

Windows PC translation software is available in the following languages: Asian, European, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, English to & from Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and many more with varying levels of quality and technical dictionaries. Also Advanced interactive software Word/Phrase dictionaries in dozens more languages including Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian and more. See also language learning software.

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